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gray space above welcome right side Sara & DougLiving in Toronto and having a wedding in Windsor provides a host of challenges, one of them being finding the perfect wedding photographer. A quick scan of wedding photographers in Windsor found nothing and we were considering hiring out a Torontonian, that is until we found Sarah’s work. Sarah’s work really spoke to me; her sense of aesthetic was really what I wanted. My favourite thing about Sarah is her ability to really capture the true personality of her subject. Neither I nor my husband were interested in “posy” photos and Sarah is excellent at taking a “photojournalism” approach to weddings. She is really great at stepping back and capturing amazing candids, as well as knowing when to give a bit of feedback to get the perfect photo. Sarah is also really lovely to work with and easy to get along with. Halfway through the day my husband and I got a little grumpy and not only was Sarah so patient, she also gave us a snack which was so  thoughtful! Sarah really is the best.  ~ Doug & Sara gray space above welcome right side

Carl & Alysha-96webFinding a photographer was one of the most important things to me when it came to wedding planning, and the thing that took me the most time. Every website looked the same to me…pose after pose. And then I came across Sarah’s work and there was something completely different about her approach. I immediately fell in love with her photos. There was a sense of emotion attached to each one. I swear I looked at her website for days on end until we had confirmed booking (I would have cried if she told me she was booked!). When we met Sarah for our engagement shoot I was even more ecstatic. When people asked how it went the first thing I said was I LOVE our photographer, I feel like I’ve known her for years. If anyone is looking for an amazingly talented, funny and genuine photographer, she’s your girl! Thank you so much Sarah I am so in love with ours photos! ~ Carl & Alyshagray space above welcome right side

When planning our wedding we wanted to create a day that was as simple and organic as possible, but the one thing we knew we wanted to invest in was the photography. Sarah was, for us, the obvious answer. Not only is Sarah’s work flawless because of her commitment to excelling in the craft of portrait photography she is the hardest worker that we have ever met. Sarah fits into your wedding day. She doesn’t fall back into the shadows to get the right shots- she becomes a part of the wedding, building a professional and personable relationship with each of her clients. We have and will continue to recommend Sarah as the ideal choice when it comes to investing in a photographer.

~ Elysha & Kyle

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We are based in Toronto, and discovered Sarah’s work on a whim through Facebook, after searching for the right photographer for weeks to no success. We immediately felt a connection to her work and her kind character. Having Sarah as our wedding photographer was like having a dear (and extremely gifted) friend by our side through our wedding planning. She involved us in her decision-making processes and asked for our input at every step to ensure we received the best photos. Sarah made us feel at ease and captured the spirit of our wedding day in an effortless, light-filled, documentary style. We look back through our photos and remember the tiny, beautiful moments of our wedding day thanks in great part to Sarah’s art. ~ Austin & Mariagray space above welcome right side

 Sarah is a wonderful person to be around. Her loving and genuine personality shines through her stunning photographs. What attracted us to Sarah’s work was how real it felt. Nothing looked faked or posed – you could feel the true emotion radiating through the photos. Sarah captured our engagement and wedding photos recently, and we’re proud to show them off! Sarah kept us calm and relaxed. The photos were not a chore or just another thing to check of our list. The results were amazing! We love how even the littlest details didn’t go unnoticed, every little wonder was captured. Thank you Sarah!

~ Francis & Lauren

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Sarah is the only person I would trust with my personal and professional photography. As a singer-songwriter I have a very specific image I’d like to convey and Sarah gets it. Her artistry and personable nature is what makes working with her such a joy. It is important to feel comfortable on a photoshoot and this has always been the case with Sarah. She has the ability to visualize and follow through with her ideas and the end result is always very beautiful. Every Little Wonder Photography calls back to an age where photography was viewed as an art form, producing quality over quantity. In this day and age this is a rare thing to find.

~ Elsa Jayne (www.elsajayne.com)gray space above welcome right side

 Sarah willingly traveled to Boston to photograph our wedding, and we are grateful for so many reasons: She collaborated with us in the creative process, but at the same time, provided a level of trust and expertise that allowed us to let it go and truly enjoy they day. She found unique and creative spots to take photos in a somewhat challenging urban setting. Many of our favourite photos were actually the unplanned, candid ones, which speaks to her eye, artistry, and skill in providing more than we hoped or asked for. If I could change one thing, it would be her place at the table – in the US, it isn’t the wedding world’s custom to have the photographer sit with the guests. Looking back, she was one of the most cherished people there! We deeply appreciate her service, and will be very tempted to fly her anywhere to capture a future special occasion!

~ Sophia & Mark

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weddingbestofweb51Sarah’s work draws attention to the small, sacred things, like wrinkles on an old face, the evening sun seeping through a wedding veil, or a caterpillar crawling on a little girl’s hand. Her use of light and shadows gives a depth and texture to her pictures that is hard to find elsewhere. Sarah is a delight to work with; she is patient and thoughtful, which makes photography sessions relaxing and fun. We highly recommend her!

~ Natasha & Nathan   gray space above welcome right side bestengagement36

We have nothing but amazing words to write about Sarah and her photography. We truly felt honoured to have Sarahphotograph our wedding because she is so good at what she does. Sarah is amazing at capturing candid moments and making everyone look good while doing it. We absolutely love our wedding photos and are very thankful to Sarah for pouring so much love into each photograph. There are no words to describe how much we treasure these photos. Sarah is a true talent, a wonderful person, and a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend her photography services to anyone and everyone. We love Every Little Wonder Photography!

~Pat and Jess

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Working with Sarah has been a wonderful experience. We did both our engagement and baby belly pictures with her and were thrilled at how they turned out. Sarah captures special moments not only with her camera but with her heart – and this is what sets her apart and what makes her pictures so unique. ~ Daniel & Julia

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